Virtual Veterinarian Visits

Easiest Virtual Visit Technology Available

With just a few clicks, you and your customers' pets can connect online.

No customer portals, no complicated processes for your staff to follow.  Just publish your schedule and allow your customers to self-schedule appointments for their pets.  Both you and your customers will receive everything you need to connect in just a few clicks.  Safe and secure. Integrates with your existing scheduling and practice management applications.

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How We Are Different...

We didn't design our application to change the way you do business.
We designed it to help you do more business with the applications you have.


Why not on-demand service?
Most telehealth products today offer virtual care through an on-demand service. We love on-demand service but we also appreciate the value of work life balance and predictability. On-demand service sounds good but in reality, it is difficult to deliver. Do you really want to be tied to a device 24/7? Can you meet your customers' expectations for response time? We designed our solution to provide online scheduling to integrate virtual visits into your day to day - giving you control of your schedule while still providing concierge service to your clients.
Give online scheduling a second chance...
We've heard online "request an appointment" didn't deliver. We understand why. Let us show you how our online scheduling tool is different. We believe that embedding online scheduling within an app or portal creates a barrier for many current customers and most new customers. If you are a new customer or only visit the vet 1 to 2 times a year, you may not download the app. That's why we believe our online appointment scheduling tool is a great approach to customer acquisition and retention.
No need to change anything...
Add online scheduling and virtual visits without changing your business processes or practice management software. We can even provide a tablet so that you and your staff can quickly view your schedule, schedule appointments or connect with patients with just a few clicks. We can integrate with your practice management software if you choose.
No Portal - No App?
We aren't here to replace your current practice app you have been promoting to your customers nor give you another app to promote. Our scheduling and virtual visit platform does not reside inside an app from the app store. This allows you to continue to promote your practice app or website and at the same time provide online scheduling and virtual visits.

Step 1 Customers Self Schedule

Publish your schedule online including both office and virtual time slots for ultimate customer convenience.

You can choose to publish your schedule on your website with our embeddable widget or direct your customers to our scheduling site. Customers can self-schedule by choosing reason for visit and preferred date/time. Our built in logic ensures patients can only select virtual visit time slots for reasons approved by you. No log in required.

Step 2 Receive Confirmation, Reminders & Instructions

Customer receives sms text and email confirmation with detailed instructions.

Customers receive an email immediately after booking a virtual appointment. The confirmation provides detailed information about how to join the virtual visit with their pet.

Step 3 Start Virtual Visit

You and your customer join the virtual visit using the link provided.

Customers simply click on the link provided in the email confirmation to join the virtual visit. Should they choose to join the virtual visit from a mobile device, they can download the app from the app store.

You can choose to initiate the session by clicking on the link on your virtual visit dashboard or through an email alert.

Want to try it for yourself?

Our Quick Start Process

Get started taking virtual visits in a matter of hours not weeks.
Our onboarding specialist can have you up and running in just a few days.



Create Your Online Schedule

Select the days and times you want to make available on your online schedule. Choose what types of conditions you will see through virtual visits.

Customize Your Account

Configure your account preferences by adding staff members and customizing your customer communications.

Integrate With Scheduling System

If you choose, you can select to integrate your online scheduling widget with your existing office scheduling software.

Set Up Payment Options

You can set up your scheduling widget to allow your customers to pay online at the time of scheduling. This provides a seamless experience for your virtual visit customers, no calls or taking payments over the phone.

Publish Schedule online

Publish your schedule online, on your website or ours or both. We can help you design an outreach program to let your customers and community know about your new virtual vet visit service.

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Our Virtual Vet Application.

You may already have a scheduling or a practice management application that includes scheduling.  If you don't, you can use our backend application to manage your schedule for office visits, virtual visits or both.  Designed to accommodate multiple doctors and multiple locations.

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