Data Science & Analytics

Fresh Insights Served Up Daily

In today's hyper-competitive business environment, organizations are leveraging data science and analytics to seek and exploit opportunities for growth, innovation and customer engagement. At Blueplate, we power human driven analysis of traditional and alternative data with a right-sized technology stack to help you make data-focused decisions, build consumer feedback into business process, and rapidly iterate through product development cycles.

Through our work together, we will help you wrangle in big data and translate insight into real business value.

New Insights Development and Data Models on Demand
New insights can result from reframing a problem, deep mining of existing data, integrating new and innovative data sources or advanced analytical techniques. We can help you design and execute the right-sized approach to find new insight and solve your business challenges. Projects big or small, we are here to help.
Simulation and Optimization Systems
We can help you create technology-enabled solutions for what-if scenario tools, business process optimization and predictive models. These tools are ideal for marketers, product managers, strategists and business managers who want to create data-driven programs, maximize spend and monitor ROI.
Data Management & Visualization
Send us your spreadsheets, pile of reports, and queries. We can help you get your data in shape. Our data management services include helping you develop infrastructure and internal capabilities to enable analytics. We also offer data visualization and design services to bring your data to life.