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Serving up the right proportion of tools, techniques and technologies, blueplate marketing will help you
translate business and brand strategy into an optimized marketing plan.

Together, let's transform marketing spend into a measurable investment.

Our Core Offers

Our Back Office Services

Quant on Demand & Visualization
Just in time and as needed analysis and strategic recommendations. Business case development, Website performance, Funnel analysis, Pricing strategies/models, Conversion Rate Optimization, Audience analysis, Segmentation, Predictive modeling and forecasting, Executive reporting. Dashboards, embedded data visualizations, presentations, reports, interactive charting and infographics.
MarTech & Data Services
Full service to "al a carte" stack support. Technology selection, Implementation, Integration of platforms into existing stack, Configuration and customization, Tactic execution, Platform reporting. Data services include Data sourcing, Date integration and work flow development, Data mart development, Advanced data blending.
CRM Implementation & Configuration
Deep expertise in CRM. Salesforce, Dynamics and supporting technologies. Optimize CRM for customer acquisition, lead nurturing, engagement and loyalty/service recovery. Tweak CRM for better lead management, sales enablement and tracking.
Product Development & Marketing Research
Research and analysis to support new product development: Concept screening, Ideation research, Customer needs analysis, USP development (unique selling proposition), Product design & bundling, pricing models.
Media Planning Support
Tools to maximize media planning and rebalancing: Competitive research, Predictive modeling, Media mix and ROI modeling. Find out what's working and what's not with campaign impact, channel performance, message/content effectiveness, and tactic optimization measurement models.
Email Marketing Support
Need help designing and deploying email marketing campaigns? Using your existing platform like ExactTarget, Marketo, ConstantContact, MailChimp or any other, we can be your mail room. We can set up templates, nurture programs, subscriber lists, CRM integration. You can depend on us for a one-off campaign or to manage your email program.
SEM & SEO Support
Full service, contract-based or as needed. Research, analysis, execution and optimization. AdWords and pay per click support including keyword research, ppc strategy, SEO analysis. Analysis/Advanced reporting with recommendations.
Programmatic & Social Support
Full service, contract-based or as needed. Research, analysis, execution and optimization. Comprehensive profiling, segmentation and buyers journey analysis to maximize targeting and spend on digital media. Needs based, segment specific look alike audience development, application and analysis.
Growth Hacking
Transform your static marketing plans into a dynamic process that delivers customer and revenue growth. We provide a marketing execution framework that allows your team to maintain brand consistency while deploying an iterative approach to tactics - discover, deploy, measure, repeat. This approach allows you to reduce ineffective spend and capitalize on incremental gains across channels and tactics. Coupled with BrandBalancer, you can feel confident that your growth hacking strategy maintains alignment with your business and customer strategy.
MarComm Strategies for Cultures Around the Globe
Whether you are B2B or B2C, developing cross-cultural competence is a global marketing imperative. Let us show you how to tailor your marketing and communications strategy for different countries to improve revenue and grow global market share.

What is Quant Marketing and MarTech?

New to Quant Marketing and MarTech? You're not alone. Quant Marketing and MarTech (Marketing Technology) are emerging marketing functions. An outgrowth from the new golden age of marketing, it's the convergence of advancements in technology, big data and customer-centric thinking.

Sound complicated? It's not for the average bear. But then again, who wants to be the average bear? Let us help you find opportunities for growth with quant marketing.

Who We Are

Based in Houston, Texas, blueplate marketing is a data-driven, innovative Quant and MarTech shop serving clients of all sizes.  You will find us somewhere at the intersection of strategy, technology and analytics.

We are a team of experienced and skilled strategists and technical marketers who have came together to help brands and agencies manage their marketing investment portfolios and deliver real business value.  We are data nerds, creative thinkers and curious about almost everything.

Big brand or start up, we know how to help you go to market, be in market and grow your market.


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